Doctorate in Social Psychology and Counseling

About the course

The Doctorate in Religious Education aims to offer an interdisciplinary vision of counseling to professionals who work or wish to work in the area of ​​family counseling, including marriage counseling referrals, to facilitate knowledge and understanding of the reality of the contemporary family in society, to have its understanding as a system that develops from bio-socio-cultural and emotional dimensions.

Main objectives:

– train professionals for pastoral care and counseling based on a biblical and ethical framework in an interface with pastoral psychology;
– understand the life cycle of human beings and their crises from an interdisciplinary framework; – provide professionals the opportunity to learn counseling theories and practices in an interdisciplinary approach;
– develop skills that allow the development of creative interventions;
– Delve into a topic of interest contemplated in the course by writing a Thesis.

Investment: US $ 9.000,00