About us

The World University of Lutheran Philosophy


Guides its educational activities by a philosophy based on Christian principles as well as a commitment to build citizenship.


Participate effectively in the formation of people, exercising power of influence and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, based on Christian knowledge and also ethical values.


To be an educational benchmark in the construction of a learning community, recognized nationally and internationally for our quality services and social relevance, with flexible, creative and innovative practices.

Core values

Develop a critical awareness of reality;
Develop a sense of justice and solidarity, and of their practice, including in labor relations;
Reflective practice focused on the field of Christian spirituality;
To develop the awareness that social and individual interests are equally important for the balance of social relations;
Innovation and creativity subordinate to ethics, in the process of construction and socialization of knowledge.


There is no longer an excuse for the Brazilian who wants to study at a university in Florida. Lack of time? Lack of money? Difficulty with the language? The World University of Lutheran Philosophy (WULP) is open for enrollment in various courses online and completely in Portuguese, at a very affordable price. The university is authorized to offer its courses in the Online mode, with the possibility of immediate start for any locality of Latin-language students.

“In addition to having a good quality education, WULP students are free to choose their study times and places. It is the student who manages their time, since they are an active subject in the learning process and have total autonomy over their actions” said the WULP manager. He also says that the institution has been in the market for many years and has all the methodology and didactic material necessary for learning. Students meet at the end of each disciplinary program and attend the virtual learning environment for the development of academic scientific activities.

He also explained that through the online tool of the World University of Lutheran Philosophy (WULP), the students can interact with the teacher to clarify their doubts, watching the video classes, interacting with their colleagues, thus enriching their learning.

Undergraduate, graduate, master’s, doctorate, and postdoctoral courses will be offered 100% online. Among the courses offered are Theology, Psychotherapy, Religious Education, Science of Religion, Chapelania and other courses.

Enrollment can be made through the website https://www.wulpeducation.com and for more information contact via email: contato@wulpeducation.com