Doctorate in Religious Education

About the course

THE DOCTORATE COURSE IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION aims to develop scientific research capacity in the field of theology, as well as the training of theology professors and professional advisers of national, regional or local ecclesiastical and religious organizations; In addition to preparing people with master’s degrees or degrees in other superiors for the exercise of teaching ministry in churches, seminaries, theological institutes, colleges and other institutions of religious education. 

Religious Education highlights the relevance of studies and research that culminated, after much debate, in the legislation that regulates Religious Education in schools.

The Education Portal, in its attributions, aims to offer professionals and students a practice of constant updating, through Online Education. It also aims to provide participants with access to excellent quality teaching with effective learning, providing innovative technological resources, such as online content, animations, videoconferencing, fixation exercises and learning objects, which help in the training of contemporary citizens , critical and active in society.

Specific objectives:

1. Analyze the current situation of Religious Education, noting differences between what is proposed by the Church, by current legislation and by Educational Institutions;

2. Reveal, without ambition to exhaust the subject, analogies and challenges on the subject, investigating the distance between the real and ideal practice, scientifically addressing the results achieved, through a comparative analysis of methodologies used by schools, considering the proposed in the dimensions: legal, secular, scholarly and confessional. Without mastering this knowledge, the institutional knowledge that this area presupposes will become obsolete.

Investment: US $ 8.000,00