Bachelor of Psychotherapy

About the course

Psychotherapy is a field of therapy dedicated to the study and treatment of psychological problems, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, relationship problems, among others. The health process occurs dialectically between the psychotherapist and the patient.

Even with the constant advances in studies in this area, it is still common for psychotherapy to be surrounded by stereotypes and doubts, such as what psychotherapy is, for whom it is indicated or who are the professionals authorized to perform this type of procedure.

What is psychotherapy?

Therapeutic care in charge of diagnosing and treating different situations, problems and psychological disorders. The process can occur individually or collectively and contributes significantly to improving mental health and helping people to live more evenly.

The psychotherapist helps the patient to understand the problems she faces and thus be able to strengthen herself to make the best decision. The professional does not give ready-made answers or magic formulas, but gradually helps the patient to reflect on the best options to solve her problem.

There are different types of psychotherapy, such as Psychoanalysis, Jungian, Humanistic, Behavioral, among others. It is not an obligation nor is it necessary for the patient to know the different theories of psychotherapy.

Psychotherapists are able to work with different clinical methodologies and are able to define the best treatment strategy, from the duration of the consultation to the approach that will be used.

Each psychotherapeutic approach requires different techniques and procedures. It is common for professionals to choose to specialize in one of the theories. For this, postgraduate courses in Psychology are carried out that allow to expand this knowledge in the desired area. The postgraduate degree in Psychotherapy, specialization in Clinical, Behavioral and Transpersonal Psychology are some possibilities of qualification in this area.

Investment: US $ 11.000,00