Master in Education and Arts in Theology

About the course

This program offers the training of researchers and teachers who produce interdisciplinary knowledge from at least three major areas of knowledge: Education, Art and Theology, with an emphasis on contemporaneity. Interdisciplinarity is also investigated through artistic and cultural manifestations, as well as bibliographic research, which disseminates this knowledge in different media, such as exhibitions, curatorships, didactic materials and musical, theatrical, cinematographic, audiovisual and religious presentations.

Objectives of this course:

1 – Develop the specific knowledge of each area, in order to promote a critical and autonomous teaching-learning process, so that students can assume responsible commitments both with scientific practice and with the exercise of citizenship;

2 – Stimulate research, providing training to professionals capable of applying the knowledge acquired to emerging technologies;

3 – Provide, in the field of Theology, reflections that reinforce the confessional identity of the University;

4 – Promote social action and community participation of students.

Investment: US $ 5.000,00