Bachelor of Theological Teaching

About the course

The Bachelor of Theological Teaching, created for the online modality, has an average duration of four years. Also called religious education, this graduation trains professionals to act responsibly and assertively in biblical teaching.

And this teaching can have space both in public and private institutions that offer studies related to theology in their educational plan.

During the graduation period, students go through assignments and studies that lead them to reflect on the role of religion in the various stages of the educational process, such as early childhood education, including primary and secondary school.

Thus, future professionals are trained to think about religious education according to the context in which they are inserted.
In addition, students are encouraged to conduct academic research related to the many topics related to religious education.

The result of all these years of study is reflected in the constant search for updating techniques, methodologies and dissemination of the teaching of this practice.

How is the labor market

Most of the job market opportunities for religious education professionals are still found in schools, especially public schools.
However, this professional also has excellent job opportunities in Non-Governmental Organizations, Social Movements and even in religious institutions.

Also, it is always good to remember that some characteristics are critical to the success of a religious education professional.
Among these characteristics we can mention:
• good communication;
• creativity;
• ethics;
• constant professional updating;
• proactivity;
• respect for cultural and belief differences;
• responsibility, among others.

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Investment: US $ 6.000,00