Bachelor of Civil Law Canon

About the course

The permanent objective of this Law Course is to train professionals according to the needs of the Brazilian political-socio-economic reality, so that they always look for creative and innovative alternatives, in order to minimize the contradictions existing in society. In addition to offering an efficient professional preparation for the labor market, providing constant updating of traditional disciplines and the study of new derivations, this course seeks to be a point of convergence between Ethics and Law, guiding the student towards the routine practice of Good.

Through the provision of consulting and monitoring services to the community, the course acts as a modifier of the reality in which it is inserted.

The professional:

The Legal Professional must have as a reference, in his line of action, the search for truth and the sense of justice, in order to ensure the prevalence of ethical values ​​established in accordance with the constant demands of society.

Areas of activity:

The Law career offers a wide variety of options for the recent graduate, who can act in the Judicial Power, the Public Ministry, in private companies, police stations, public agencies, penitentiaries, law firms, among others. In addition to teaching and entering the diplomatic career.

Investment: US $ 10.000,00