Bachelor of Chaplaincy

About the course

The main objective of the Bachelor of Chaplaincy has as its main objective the development of scientific research capacity in the field of theology, as well as the training of theology teachers and professional advisers of national, regional or local ecclesiastical and religious organizations; In addition to preparing people with master’s degrees in other higher degrees for the exercise of teaching ministry in churches, seminaries, theological institutes, colleges and other institutions of religious education.

Who is it for ?:
Leaders, Pastors, Missionaries, Deacons, Sunday School Teachers, Church Members, Students and Professionals of Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Anthropology, Law, History, Philosophy; that is, all those who intend to lead, minister in conventions and councils of pastors, theological seminaries, theological institutes, do missions, teach, write books, pamphlets, Sunday school magazines, minister Bible studies, seminars, conferences; and qualify in knowledge, theological, linguistic, philosophical, biblical, ministerial and exegetical.

Its objective is academic theological knowledge in order to train people with analytical perspectives in various worldviews.

What is chaplaincy?
It is a religious assistance provided by a person trained and prepared for the ministry of religious assistance guaranteed by law in civil and military entities of collective detention according to the provisions of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 in the following terms: of religious assistance in and entities military of collective detention. »(CF art. 5, VII).

The chaplaincy is an activity whose mission is to collaborate in the integral formation of the human being, offering spaces for knowledge, reflection, development and application of ethical-Christian values ​​and principles and the revelation of God for the healthy exercise of citizenship.

Investment: US $ 4.000,00